Galway Our Smart Green City



  • The European Green Deal Investment Plan
    • Galway will mobilise EU Funding to transition to a climate-neutral Green, competitive and inclusive local economy.
  • TurnKeyRetrofit
    • Researchers in NUI Galway have created a renovation model for old buildings. We want Galway to be the test bed to roll out this retrofit programme. www.turnkey-retrofit.eu.
  • Humble Lamppost project
    • Retrofit street lighting in Galway to LED smart lighting. We will introduce the Humble Lamp Post which provides a range of smart services. eVeh Charge, 5G, Image Sensing, Digital Signage, Smart Parking, Traffic Management.
  • SeaBin concept for harbour
    • SeaBin to be installed at the Port of Galway. www.seabinproject.com



  • Free WiFi in all public places (apply WiFi4EU funding)
    • Promote and facilitate extension of high-speed free public Wi-Fi corridor across city centre, ideally via ‘humble lampposts’.
  • Early 5G Deployment in Galway City
    • Champion roll-out of 5G to for leap forward in digital interconnectivity in Galway City to with huge impact on businesses and society, via ‘HUMBLE LAMPPOST’ concept.
    • Early Gigabit Fibre Deployment in Galway
      Facilitate, gigabit fibre network across Galway City and County to transform urban and rural Galway for industry, health, education, farming, recreation and economy.
  • Early national broadband deployment in Rural Galway



  • Upgrade the Port of Galway to National Port status
    • The Port of Galway must have National Port status. The absence of a fully developed National Port in Galway is a major hindrance to the commercial and social development of the the Western Region.
  • Innovation Campus (Marine Innovation)
    • We will proceed with the nine-hectare Páirc na Mara in Carna. This will link the riches of coastal Connemara with the expertise of our research community in Galway.
  • Promote Medtech Cluster



  • Transport Priorities
    • Major Modal Shift from Car to Public Transport. Reduce environmental impact of transport in the city & county
    • 5 Bus Routes encompassing an Orbital Bus Route which will result in no residence being further than a 5 min walk from a Bus Stop
    • 18 commuter trains go into Cork Station each morning, 2 to Galway. We will build a loop at Oranmore Railway Station to allow commuter train times at 15 minute intervals (currently 40min)
      • Extend parking at Oranmore Railway Station from 140 to 750
      • Explore feasibility for new commuter rail stations at Roscam and Renmore
      • Fast track the development of Bus Corridors and Park & Ride sites, as proposed in The Galway Transport Strategy.
  • Galway City Outer Ring Road (GCORR) Timescale Oral Hearing will take place February 2020
    • Rapid Decision required by An Bord Pleanala
    • Commencement date target: 2023
  • Electric Buses – GET GALWAY GOING!
    • Let’s make Galway the first city in Ireland to have an Electric Bus Fleet. Develop electric buses with hydrogen. (FCEB)
    • Gencomm research project in NUIGalway



  • Urban Data Platform
    • We will install an Urban Data Platform in Galway city. This a Smart Cities information system which integrates the large amount of data, including energy, transport, crowdsourced data etc.
  • Inclusion and Diversity and Charging Points
  • Get Galway Going – connecting key stakeholders in Galway together
    • Finance will be made available from Government for the appointment of a Chief Executive to Galway Smart City. A Task Force will be formed immediately to bring together all Stakeholders in Galway to implement the Smart City Strategy. It will also address the issue of infrastructure to enable a number of housing projects in Galway.